~Four Walls~

  8am sharp and they’re here.. Boxes, tape and working like dogs It’s been such a long time coming And yet I can’t believe it’s today.. ~ They’re only four walls ~ A person is only a collection of memories Things, stuff, baggage and emotions. What really matters is what you carry inside. ~ They’re only […]

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Moving across the pond!

Change is on the cards for us and as creatures of habit we all know how scary that can sometimes feel. I have the feeling of uncertainty, unease, anxiety and a need to look into the future to see what will happen next. I was totally surprised by the EU referendum result as I quite […]

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Love makes the world go round..

    With our 1901 Arts Club concert just around the corner, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently thinking about this tiny four letter word that is at the centre of our themed programme celebrating St Valentne’s Day. L.O.V.E. It gets used so freely in my world, I hear it, feel it and […]

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Three is the magic number!

It’s a very odd feeling when suddenly the ground is moving beneath your feet and you’re in the middle of doing the washing up! Or when you feel sick to your stomach at the prospect of eating when your whole body is crying out to lie down right now, next to the washing machine, curl […]

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