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~Four Walls~

img_5991-1.jpeg8am sharp and they’re here..

Boxes, tape and working like dogs

It’s been such a long time coming

And yet I can’t believe it’s today..

~ They’re only four walls ~

A person is only a collection of memories

Things, stuff, baggage and emotions.

What really matters is what you carry inside.

~ They’re only four walls ~

The day I moved in, the parties we’ve had

The fights and feuds, the love shared inside

My little boys home, the smiles and first steps..

~ They’re only four walls ~

So many dreams, so many plans made.

Late nights, early starts

Go go go always rushing around!

~ They’re only four walls ~

It’s time to go, to say goodbye

We’ve existed inside but now it’s time to fly.

Thank you for having us, for allowing us to be.

We loved every minute

~ They’re only four walls ~

Onwards, upwards, to pastures new

If walls could talk, they’d whisper a few!

So looking forward to our next new abode

And four new walls to call our own

~ Home ~

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  1. Susan Stonehill July 28, 2016 at 12:34 pm #

    Welcome to America and the next chapter in your life…safe travels?

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