Ode to a Puppeteer

We saw the most amazing display of Puppets tonight presented by a group that have been working here together over the last 2 weeks. Some of the puppets were completely enchanting and the skill involved in the craftsmanship of these miniature paper mach? people really made me believe their emotions were changing and faces moving. The Puppeteers, a very lovely bunch who we shared breakfast with on our first morning demonstrated so many different skills in their performance, balance, poise, attention to detail and they all had an amazing awareness, a kind of magic thread that connected their bodies to their puppets. It was wonderful and nothing like your average Punch and Judy show!

We along with a few other new comers were introduced to all the other music residents in a meeting that began our first Monday here and to be honest it felt a bit strange being back in an institution. So many new people, new place, new everything and all I really wanted to do was get our practice hut! Don?t get me wrong, I know I haven?t come all this way just to shut myself away for 24 hours a day but we have 3 whole weeks to chat to people and by now I was practically bursting to play!

And so we got our Steinberg Duo hut in the woods and I also managed to get a separate hut of my own to finally shut myself away in?. Bliss!

We have signed up to perform in Wednesday?s Mid-Week Medley Concert and we?re also hoping to be selected to play in Friday evening?s recital series in Rolston Hall. Bring it on!

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