Climbing the Sleeping Buffalo Mountain…

We arrived last Saturday at the stunning Banff Centre and while it’s safe to say it’s amazing to be back, (deer nibbling at the trees outside, snow falling all around so that it really does feel like Narnia!) something definitely feels very different this year. We have a serious and important job to do this time, to make our first cd. Professional recording is a serious business and needs careful preparation and planning. In truth, I’m a little bit nervous! I want to do these incredible pieces justice and not let myself down, play the best I possibly can, enjoy it, get the most out if it, embrace my surroundings and do it perfectly. Feeling the pressure… apparently yes! Since having done our KickStarter project to help raise the funds towards the production costs of this cd I had become so tied up in actually raising the funds that I forgot that the hardest part was yet to come. So many wonderful people pledged towards our project and I really want to do them proud….

We have a very busy schedule over the next 4 weeks including 8 concerts, 3 days of recording, lectures, a trip to Lake Louise to visit the anual Ice Sculpture Festival, I have Yoga classes planned (trying to get Nick to come too!) eat, sleep, swim and of course enjoy meeting all of my fellow kindred spirits floating around the place. It is so peaceful here and you can go for hours without seeing any other souls, it’s bliss!

Hut 1 – My oasis of calm in the woods, although slightly scary looking icicles dangling overhead!



Nick making friends with the locals outside Farrally our halls!



From the top of Tunnel Mountain, know by the locals as ‘Sleeping Buffalo Mountain’ with The Banff Centre behind me.



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  1. It is so wonderful to read all about your experiences in Banff, and I certainly appreciate the frankness in which you write. You will both be brilliant in making this CD, it looks like the ideal place to do it. Well done and enjoy every moment! All our love Kathy and Ernesto

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