Love makes the world go round..


  With our 1901 Arts Club concert just around the corner, I’ve been spending quite a bit of time recently thinking about this tiny four letter word that is at the centre of our themed programme celebrating St Valentne’s Day. L.O.V.E. It gets used so freely in my world, I hear it, feel it and see it every day. I suppose that makes me extremely lucky and what better way to spend my Valentine’s Day than playing a recital with my husband and getting to enjoy some superb music.

My sister always used to say that Valentine’s Day was ‘commercial rubbish’ and part of me absolutely agrees with her! Why should we all be told on this one particular day to tell our loved ones how much we adore them? However, I want to reflect slightly and come around to the idea that perhaps Saint Valentine stood for so much more than just the mushy kind of love. The fact that he was a Saint actually leads me to believe that we should consider this day as a gentle reminder that LOVE can present itself in so many different ways and not just in a bouquet of red roses (although that wouldn’t go a miss!).

If we stop for a moment and look out into the world as I often do, I would like to draw inspiration from the people around me and look further into love. Valentine’s Day can be to some, a painful reminder of their loneliness and I hope to reach out to someone important to me on this day and remind them that I care for them very deeply. This I hope, will show my love. There are so many people less fortunate than ourselves who crave friendship, acceptance, guidance or perhaps just a smile which could make all the difference in their day. All these qualities are a form of love and humanity, loving thy neighbor I suppose..

I think what I’m trying to say is, I know I could always be a little kinder, a little more aware. Love is being accepting of others, offering my support when it’s needed and backing off when it’s not. And also, just being quiet and listening sometimes. 

On February 14th I will play music that explores a parents love, young love, lost love and hopeful love. Music is my love and my gift I hope, to touch a soul and steer this Valentine’s Day to be a reminder of how powerful any act of love can be.


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