Moving across the pond!


Change is on the cards for us and as creatures of habit we all know how scary that can sometimes feel. I have the feeling of uncertainty, unease, anxiety and a need to look into the future to see what will happen next. I was totally surprised by the EU referendum result as I quite simply thought that a problem shared was always a problem halved. Better together and all that but I was in the minority and so, life must go on.

As any of my musical friends will tell you our roller-coaster profession takes us through just about every emotion all to frequently. Would we change what we do? No, but I do believe in balance and sometimes taking a good hard look at your very existence can mean that change is exactly what we need.

This blog brings big news for some of you who don’t know, we are moving to New Hampshire, USA! It has been about two years of planning and going backwards and forwards over this huge decision. Now we are amidst organising, sorting, clearing and taking the many uphills that we face to emigrate. I am fortunate to be a US citizen but Nick has had the gruelling task of facing interviews, medicals (eek!) and reams of paperwork to fill in.

Why the USA I hear you ask? Simple, why not? I want to explore this vast country and take my violin and my family to see what adventures it may hold for us. My Father’s voice was unmistakably American, such a wonderful character, larger than life laughter, he was outspoken and I miss him every day. I suppose part of me feels a pull to go to the States and experience what is my nationality and my heritage. Also, lucky for me I have a husband who is ready and game for this adventure too!

Steinberg Duo has some very exciting things in store including more CD releases, concerts, education work and I promise we’ll be back for recitals in the UK. For now though we are packing our bags and leaving behind our beautiful bubble that is Greenwich, London. We have loved every minute here, this is where Nick and I met, got married and had our first child. We have built a life in this wonderful city and become part of a community and while it has been an amazing part of our journey we now choose to embrace a new route, a new adventure.

I can only imagine that there will be challenges ahead in adapting to everything new but I honestly believe that life is about learning and discovering new things. I want to show the world to my little boy and instil in him a sense of marvel and wonder of possibility. To teach him that every difficult road and journey into the unknown is always worth travelling.

Change can be scary but today I want to try and embrace it, learn from it and make tomorrow even better…


  1. Erik and I are wishing you the best on the move and all future endeavors! We look forward to seeing you in New England.

  2. How Brave You are!!! Lots and lots of love from Old Hampshire! I hope it all turns out better than you can imagine and I look forward to hearing more about your journey! Frida xx

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