Facing the Critics.

It?s always really hard when a critic didn?t think much of your CD? They didn?t seem to understand your music-making, comparing you to ‘the greats’ and you are left feeling really flat. On the CD is music that I?ve poured every ounce of myself into, the hours of hard work, the practice, the editing, the time I?ll never get back that I didn?t spend with my son… But there it is, the cold hard truth about critics. If I was brave I would like to challenge the critic and his musings but the truth is, he has a right to an opinion just like anyone.
I was told once told that if someone ?hates? your playing, it?s usually a good sign! That you have been strong enough to speak up and play in a way that will polarize opinion. If you believe in your music and understanding of the composers then stand up, be proud and realize that you have made the offended party sit up and engage. After all, isn?t that what music/communication and conversation is all about? They are your audience and it is important that we strive always to have our own voice and strength of conviction. They don?t have to agree but at least you?ve made your point! Be aware of others but never apologize for thriving to communicate through music in your own unique way.
One thing I?ve learned from being a recorded artist, it is like standing on a chair and shouting out your very most inner secrets to a huge crowded room and you can NEVER take it back… I wear my heart on my sleeve, I am far too sensitive and probably have no place in this dog-eat-dog profession BUT with a little reflection I can honestly say that this critic has given me strength to work harder and be even braver. I feel more hungry than ever to feed my curiosity and push boundaries that will evoke emotions, open up conversations with everyone, the good, the bad and the ugly!
Friends, I leave this in your capable hands and you can make of it what you will.

Oh, and the recording with my ?pinched? and slim tone?!

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