New Life, New Me.

It?s been 3 weeks since Nick and I became parents for the second time and we couldn?t be more delighted, thrilled and over the moon with the beautiful addition to our Steinberg clan! Little Rory Alexander attended his first concert on Wednesday night and was good as gold listening to his Daddy perform Mendelssohn. It was wonderful to see so many friends there and have the chance to show off our new baby boy!

As always, having taken some time away from my violin I feel utterly terrified to take it out of the case. Dusting it off, I know that the strings under my finger tips are going to hurt like hell, my bow will inevitably feel like a dead weight, coordination between my left and right hands, well, forget it, and as far as getting a half decent sound out of the old boy it?s going to be a tough day at the office! However, having said all that, my brain is more alive than ever having not played for nearly a month and I?m literally gagging to play. I?m buzzing with ideas, hearing music in my head, sounds, colors, stories and characters that I?m desperate to explore. My mind has been resting away from music while turning my attention to the new life I created and I feel so changed, a different person than I was 3 weeks ago.

When something life altering happens, I take all the new emotions and add them to my pail of music making ideas. My violin, my old friend who had been there for me since the very beginning waits patiently and never fails to understand that it?ll have to get to know me as I am now. A new mother of two boys, sleep deprived, delicate, emotional, overwhelmed but above all so SO happy to see it again…

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